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Acquistion & Investments

Acquisition & Investments



Vincente Sports Investments (VSI) acquires or invests resources into youth sports companies. Our experience in this space, strong relationships & reputation, and ability to optimize businesses through KPI-driven marketing & sales initiatives make us a trustworthy partner or stewardess of your brand. 

Whether your business is looking for monetary investments & support, or strategic guidance with measurable results, the VSI team brings innovative solutions paired with the energy and funding it takes to scale.


Why Work with VSI

Why Work Wih Us 


30 years experience leading sports tech, sports academy & traditional clubs, leagues, tournaments, teams, and experiences in youth sports. 


You had a dream and the courage to start your business. Having personally been burned by large VC companies, our approach is to treat your business with the care and love that you have. Trust & integrity first, second & always. 

Optimization Pro's

We are experts in digital marketing & sales and thus optimize your current efforts with strategic guidance, a strong technology tool suite, and partnerships that scale your business quickly.

Brands We've Worked With:

Sports Academies, Leagues, Clubs & Tournaments

Sports Technology & Other Leading YS Brands

WHAT People say

About Us

If people do not care or give a *#$& then why be in business at all? Thankfully for 200x85, we have found that same person in Jared Antista who successfully differentiates himself from other marketing firms by caring!  Jared, like 200x85, is compulsive about detail and has an intuitive understanding that in order to hit higher goals, we need to hit those mundane, tedious little things that make up everyday business. Jared also has a genuine fascination and a never-ending inquiry into what makes a business tick. He is always asking the right questions, does what he says he will do, and, if he can't, learns how.

Kevin Mann - CEO at 200x85 
Marisa Malts, CEO Bloodline Hockey

The Youth Sports Industry


Family Spend Per Year On Youth Sports (20%+)

Who We Invest In:

You see what others are not able to see and have the energy and excitement to push through the noise to see your idea come to fruition. 

You dream to create a youth sports business in a historical male-centric industry. We are extremely interested in supporting businesses that fill a hole in the female sports market.


We've been there, young "ahead of our time" entrepreneurs. A lot of VCs need proof of concept, revenue, users, etc. We support the right people with the right energy and plan.

You've built a sports business based on knowledge and skill but need the strategy, relationships, marketing, and sales support to scale your growth to the next level.